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Shodhna is the cleansing and detoxication of the body from metabolic wastes. It is key to preventing diseases.


Shamana is a palliative therapy that focuses on stabilizing and relieving the dosha instead of getting rid of it.


Bruhmana therapy focuses on improving and restoring nutrition levels in the body.

Our Founder

Dr Sreelekha R S

BAMS, MD (Alternative Medicine) -Certified Health and Nutrition Life Coach -Diploma in Sports Nutrition -Fellowship in Sports Rehabilitation -PG Diploma in Clinical Research -PGDM

Dr. Sreelekha acquired her BAMS degree from the prestigious Government Ayurveda College, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. She has more than a decade’s experience in ayurvedic treatments. She also has an MD in alternative medicine. After acquiring a post-graduate diploma in clinical research, she worked in pharmacovigilance and drug safety for a few years. She later acquired a diploma in diet, nutrition and health coaching.

She founded Swastha Life to pursue her passion for wellness through Ayurveda. She combines her experience in traditional Ayurveda with diet and nutrition to provide customised wellness and lifestyle plans for everyone.

Bipin RR

Very happy to share our (my wife and I) positive experience with Dr. Sreelekha and her staff at Swastha.Her holistic approach to lifestyle and wellness management comes with a deep knowledge of her astute learnings at a highly reputed organisation as Govt. Ayurveda College Trivandrum, a pioneer institution in the field from the year 1889, that she has then adapted and contextualised effectively with her deep understanding of the lifestyle aspects in the current times.She excels in this with her passion for patient wellness through constant engagement and monitoring, involving not just the individual but also the family.We strongly recommend Dr. Sreelekha and the team at Swastha!

Moni Gupta

I went for post natal services and consultation. It helped significantly in my recovery. There're different packages and doctor consultation available, I would highly recommend to go for it. The staffs are well trained and environment is clean and peaceful.

Sriram Ananthapadmanabhan

I underwent the detox treatment at Swastha Life Ayurveda clinic. Dr.Sreelekha is an experienced and caring doctor who understands her patients very well. It was a great experience to undergo the treatment and a rejuvenating feeling.


I had a positive experience visiting Swastha Life Ayurvedic Clinic.Doctor Sreelekha was very good at listening to all my concerns and provided me with a good approach to treat the root causes for my skin related concern. I saw a huge improvement in my metabolism which is the primary cause for most diseases anyway. Since I had to travel back to Canada, she also guided me to easily follow the medication once I am here. Thanks and recommend this place

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